5 thoughts on “Zero Waste & Minimalism Goals | Learning To Trust Myself

  1. Totally agree with you that one positive change can lead to another! Mine started with cloth diapering then to natural baby products and continued to snowball into organic food, natural cleaners, natural bedding and mattresses and most recently sustainable organic clothing for me and my kids. One resource I find really helpful is the EWG guide to healthy cleaning. You can type in the product name and it lists the ingredients and potential hazards associated with it. http://www.ewg.org/guides/cleanersThey also have a guide for makeup which I love!

  2. You go girl! 🙂 You are wise beyond your years. I am so very glad Nolan is healing so quickly and is back to his old self. Rory is just too cute to ignore 🙂 Just keep doing you, I love watching you grow and learn and help others do the same.

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