20 thoughts on “The Mighty Captain Marvel Challenges My Fragile Masculinity

  1. So… Quasars really dead this time… No take backs? Speaking of, why isn't Carl Manvers dead? She got knocked out and the Chitari were right on top of her…

  2. If by improving you mean becoming ever more manly and ever more SJW then yes, all Marvel heroines will continue to improve.

  3. Well, actually, Quasar can't really die. Rather, she won't stay dead. That's actually canon with her current power set. That being said, I'm a little sad that Marvel is using her as a jobber for Carol Danvers. She's got quasar powers on top of weird primordial space deity powers. It's almost like the writers and editors there don't read comics or something, and are pushing a shitty agenda or something.

  4. … So Captain Marvel is to Marvel as Voyager is to Star Trek?

    I don't want to live on this planet, anymore.

  5. We all expected better but we have to remember that these people only saw the movies and read or browsed a wikipedia page! That's it. They have no idea about comic book history.

  6. This is why this comic is only selling around 10k and I have a feeling the only people that are buying it are youtubers making fun of it. lol

  7. Why didn't America just open a dimensions past the portal? Why didn't she find a dimension with a weapon that to penetrate the shield? Also why were these annoying recruit so extra?

  8. No, she isn't the "titular hero" because she doesn't have any! All she has is this confusing, weirdly shaped uni-breast peck… I seriously don't know how I feel about it. They're doing the exact same thing to Shadowcat and it depresses me.

  9. That shield barrier is chitari-phobic.
    What they need to do is have some godamn tolerance and accept the chitari for who they are.
    The chitari is a race of peace.
    Captain Marvel needs to stop being a bigot.

  10. The reason Chavez is talking to a wall is simple. She been taking drugs, loads and loads of drugs she got from Chip.

    Or you know bad art combine with lack of any sort of editing to fix these small tiny issues.

  11. Would have been funnier if a bunch of Ultramarines had swept through on their battlebarge, and wiped out the Chitari in a hail of bolter fire.

  12. Can someone help me here? How would the Shield or the "Dark Dimension" stop teleporters / portal creators like Manifold, Cloak, Magik, Nightcrawler, Doctor Strange or America Chavez from entering the Earth / exiting New York??

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