Swiss loan without intermediaries


A Swiss loan may be taken out without an intermediary if the applicant fully complies with the strict terms and conditions of the Swiss federal banks and chooses one of the two possible loan amounts specified. In the case of a credit application from a reputable credit service provider, on the other hand, higher amounts as well as lending to persons who do not completely fulfill part of the usual conditions for applying for a loan in Switzerland or Liechtenstein are possible. Typical for Swiss loans is the allocation of funds without the participation of the German credit report. The Swiss bank not only does not conduct a credit inquiry with the private credit, but also does not inform them about the approval and payment of the loan.

For whom does the Swiss loan offer itself?

By far the most applicants for a Swiss loan without an intermediary forfeited at least one negative private credit entry and are therefore hardly able to obtain a bank loan in Germany. With two and more soft negative features as well as a hard negative entry, lending in Germany is almost impossible. If consumers want to apply for another loan in the near future, the loan from Switzerland will also be an option. In this case, the second bank loan would become more expensive if the lender calculates interest rates dependent on the creditworthiness of the applicant.

Even if the exact calculation of the private credit score is secret, some regularities can be detected. This includes the deterioration of the score for multiple loan payments within half a year. In some cases, consumers who do not receive any further credit in Germany due to existing repayment obligations also use a Swiss-made lending-free loan. In this case, you have to be very careful that you can actually pay the additional installments and pay on time. The loan amount for Swiss credit without intermediaries is only € 3500 or € 5,000, although not all Swiss banks award the higher amount. Applicants for a Swiss private credit-free loan must have a permanent employment relationship.

The prerequisites for the successful loan application without intermediaries in Switzerland

Loan seekers can apply for a Swiss loan without intermediaries if their earned income reaches the required minimum level. This amount is higher than required by most German banking institutions and ensures that the Swiss Federal Bank can make a seizure of liens if there is insufficient repayment discipline. When calculating the income relevant to the lending, the Swiss financial institution only considers the salary received by the main employer. Additional income, which domestic banks partly take into account in the revenue and expenditure account, is always excluded in the case of private credit-free borrowing in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This even applies to the child allowance credited mostly by German credit institutions as income.

In addition, no federal bank carries out the budgetary account with total household income, but in each case only with the income of the applicant. Joint borrowing by two persons is only possible with a few Swiss banks. The maximum age for the Swiss loan without intermediaries differs depending on the bank, it is predominantly at fifty-five or fifty-eight years. The Swiss and Liechtenstein credit institutions also require the nationality of the country of residence for lending. Even an EU citizen living in Germany since his birth can not apply for the Swiss fraternity loan without an intermediary. The strict terms and conditions of the Swiss and Liechtenstein banks compensate for the failure of the private credit request.

Credit comparison and settlement of the Swiss loan without intermediaries

Despite the limited number of financial institutions that grant a Swiss-type debt-free loan, an interest rate comparison is indispensable. The interest rates for non-private credit loans from Switzerland are higher than for traditional loans, including credit protection. Thanks to a price comparison, those interested in a private credit-free loan from Switzerland or Liechtenstein can find the cheapest deal without involving an intermediary. The loan is paid in the same way as the subsequent repayment in euros, so that a loan from Switzerland without an intermediary does not constitute a foreign currency loan.

Any price changes between the euro and the Swiss franc will therefore have no impact on the amount of the repayment obligation. Although the Swiss bank does not conduct a private credit request, it carries out a credit check. For this purpose, it makes a request to the Swiss ZEK, whose functions can be compared with the tasks of the German private credit. The Swiss Federal Credit Information Agency, however, has only the data of the loans raised there for private individuals not resident in Switzerland. The Swiss lender thus receives no information about the negative entries stored in the German private credit and also about the existing domestic credit obligations. The rule request for credit protection in Switzerland prevents

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