11 thoughts on “Sean Spicer releases statement on Time Square situation

  1. now we need to ban cars!!! they are a mas murder weapon !!! fucking libtards it just proves killers don't need a a gun to kill people in mass

  2. i wish someone could explain exactly what Trump is doing attacking Assad's troops? nobody has explained exactly what's going on there.

  3. The Republicans (I was an independent but I am now a blue Republican) –voted Trump and will again) RINO'S and NEVER TRUMPERS, better realize and realize damn quick there is no strong Republican base—-there is a TRUMP base on a Republican ticket—-if they keep attacking him they will find themselves so far out in "Left" field the only friend they will have will be Nancy Pelosi. —– don't believe us? Watch the red wave roll! The will of the people will not be subverted without a heavy, heavy, price!

  4. Obama gave A lot of muslins puerto Rican names and fake papers remember!! and he gave Haitian refugees African American names and fake papers

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