Rachel Maddow Gets Called Out For Beating W-A-R Drum With Russia

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11 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow Gets Called Out For Beating W-A-R Drum With Russia

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  2. TYT needs to fire you, you're point of view is clumsy at best and at worst, you look like a poor child trying to find another way to make money because you know you're jokes suck. You are like the bully at school, picking on everyone around you (not TYT of course) and you don't know when to stop and look in the mirror.

  3. The extreme-left is as disgusting as the extreme-right. This guy keeps making shocking statements like, "Obama is a monster." Now you really have a monster President who is threatening the whole world. what are you going to call him? Now he is attacking a high rating show to attract attention. He should ask him the same question. there are so many problems to cover, why do you cover Rachel? One last point, we moderates see you the way you see Trump's supporters.

  4. Jimmy, you are and always have just reported on the reporter. No new information and no real insight. I get you're feed only because I am a member at the Young Turks (I am thinking about pulling my support though) Russia is a big story and everyday we learn more about the hack and insight into Trump and how he tip toes around Russia. MSNBC is a big company, I am sure other reporters can also work special projects much like Rachel has and should. Jimmy you need to do one of three things, distance yourself from TYT so you're stench does not completely destroy the brand, stop you're fake reporting, or and I like this one the best…. Go Back to telling jokes on stage and leave the world of reporting to those that did not report on the reporter and actually dig for the story instead of pulling a Trump by turning the tv on and stating all the things that bother you, you're a child.

  5. why do you bash maddow? atleast she is NOT pro trump. let her expose trump russia connections. u can do better with ur time jimmy. not a day goes by without you bashing maddow. i think what she is saying is good koz she is making ppl aware of trump's corruption so calm down! this doesn't make u look good. u are confusing at times!

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