17 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Dock Scratching Solution! TV Mode Undocked!

  1. dude one question… the tv mode of the switch run at 1080p, if my TV is 1360×765 it will run better than a 1080p TV??

  2. Dude! Just stick 2 felt stickers onto the inside of the dock, where the system is scratching against dock. It'll solve everything.

  3. Can't even find a single usb extension cable on Amazon, the link doesn't take you to one. Do you guys know any other cables?

  4. this "Dock" scratching gate is preposterous to say the least. the videos i watched were nothing more than click bait. myself and 2 friends have switch's and have seen hide nor hair of these "scratches" neither front or back so…. stop it already.

  5. Your videos are so clean and professionally done. Makes me want to start a channel of my own once I get a Switch :)! Good work.

  6. There has never been a legitimate scratch on a Switch that was made by a dock, there is rubber on the inside!

  7. Did you put skins on your controllers? Or is it legit blue? If it's the latter, where did you buy it? Thanks!

  8. The only thing I'm curious about is how your blue joycons are darker shades than the default neon blue..?

  9. With an USB C extension cable long enough is it possible just to play the game like a WII U controller w/o seperating the joycons from the portable device?

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