13 thoughts on “Kemetic scholars admit that they Do Not know who introduced MA’AT into Kemet

  1. Lexx, please don't stop speaking truth to power. As of yet they have failed to put anyone in front of you who could deal with the information you present.

  2. So we are to embrace a (divine science) that is not eternal BUT made up by someone that we do not know or when they heard it or came up with it? Wow

  3. When you do not KNOW what it say, you can make it say anything (who can correct you because NO ONE CAN REALLY READ IT) and if it makes sense and it sounds deep they the tourists will be hooked and ready to come again year. Smh

  4. They have a greater measure of faith, because the know nothing and can not master the language . All they can do is lead tour and tell the people anything simply because they know those on the tour do not know a thing as well.

    They low the peoples mind with a very pled to the ancestors to let them enter and then the show begins. Those of their information comes of Europeans and then they will release i as their own finding. Shakka did a great job of showing ALL the White scholars that he trusted in the information about a Black world.

  5. The saddest part about this is the fact that in your debate with Jabari. He really tried to act like you stating this made no sense. Lol.

  6. Egyptbros dont know how to read their own (Bible),

    they as a whole group are clueless when standing in front of (Glyphs) like the

    DENDERA Chart, Akhenaten Sphinx Glyph, etc.

    EGYPTbros ON daNILE!!

  7. Jabari also, on his sit down with Brotha Larry, claims to be blessed by the deities?……. After saying Zion and other Hebrews are too literal when it comes to Egytian deities and the teachings therof. Jabari isnt qualified to teach anything because he his a walking contradiction. The Kemit salesman!!! selling lies to the community.

  8. These clowns keep cutting themselves and the always want to challenge someone like zion lexx, that the know the can't beat smh

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