17 thoughts on “Here is what the Richest and most Successful People In our World Have in Common.

  1. People die to preach; in a heavy voice, haha. They wait for that whole of their life.
    If solution to every issue in life was coding or anything else like that, something which can be summed up as easily, then everything else would come to an end. What gets the world going is that there's no answer. Maybe that's why earth's round

  2. Warren buffet probably doesn't know how enter paint or create a new folder yet he can buy most of the people here.

  3. Why the fuck do they have Will I Am giving his two cents on this subject? Last time i checked he hasn't accomplished shit in this area

  4. This video was re uploaded from another website. Has nothing to with the title. Want to make money of it

  5. Mark is evil jew who gives 100 million $ to Evil Israelis a terrorist state that stole 88% of the natives Palestinians land, May God send him & Israel to rot in hell

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