GangZ Rust Gameplay – “STARTER BASE & FREEZING TO DEATH!!!” – Rust PvP Multiplayer Ep 1

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17 thoughts on “GangZ Rust Gameplay – “STARTER BASE & FREEZING TO DEATH!!!” – Rust PvP Multiplayer Ep 1

  1. Use your metal frags to make a metal pick and farm stone to upgrade your base then save up for low grade to make a furnace and make a code lock to lock your door and u can share your door code by telling your buds

  2. Couple of quick tips from a Rust player!

    – You can set codes to your door and large chests using code locks. You place them on the door/chest, hold down "E" while looking at the lock, and set the code. You can tell your friends the code so that they can access your stuff.

    – Build furnaces to smelt ores into usable materials.

    – Your tool cupboard is important. It allows you, and anyone else that is authorized on it, to build in its claim area. Protect it from your enemies!

    – Upgrade your base to stone. It's relatively cheap, but is a good defense against enemies.

    – Airdrops and helicopters are your gateway to high level, endgame gear. Airdrops should normally come about once a day (on a Vanilla server), same with helicopters. Helicopters however, are extremely hostile, and you should be well geared and fighting in a team if you intend to take one down. Using 5.56 ammunition weapons, such as the Semi-Automatic Rifle, AK-47 or LR-300, will surely bring them down given enough effort!

    Rust can seem complex at the start, but once you get your head around it, it's not too bad. Best of luck Genny!

  3. you should search up some base design and some basic tutorial videos… trust me, it will make your experience better. I denied searching things up becuase I personally think it ruins games… but in this game, its pretty damn helpful and there really isnt anything that can ruin your experience. If anything, youll have a worse experience by not watching video on this game lol.

  4. make sure the side of the wall that looks like brick when its stone is on the outside so u dont get soft side raided

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