Galaxy S8: First 10 Things To Do After Unboxing!

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11 thoughts on “Galaxy S8: First 10 Things To Do After Unboxing!

  1. it'll be perfect if you could give me a phone.. plss we're not rich living in the philippines plss? i subscribed sir 🙁

  2. Great video thanks but….. why don't you like lookout and what do you suggest ? I heard you say verizon but I am a T mobile customer .

  3. the iris scan is so much faster then my note 7. I have them working side by side should we make a video?

  4. haha most phones now during set up gives the option to set up security so the first thing I do is install terminal, linux container and emulators. gotta make sure they work first hahah

  5. Be warned if you get tempered glass protector, it will make swiping and touch a bit harder. hopefully they come out with a thinner tempered glass.

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