15 thoughts on “Carpenter Brut – Trilogy

  1. That album cover
    >Satanic worship or Moloch worship
    >a police badge, the cops are involved
    >a slice of pizza
    >a childs shoe?
    Either Carpenter Brut knows about the people behind Pizzagate or he's one of the pedo satanists himself.

  2. I like how roller mobster appears and leaves out of nowhere. Every other song blends together well, then BAM.

  3. Dear Carpenter Brut. You know what I find most impressive about your music? The fact that it manages to turn the track on its head and change to mood several times in the span of just three or four minutes, adding layer upon layer of depth to the sound. Many synthwave artists just make a sound with a single mood, loop it for thre or four minutes, then can it and call it a track. But your music always develops throughout the track, making it unfold like a story with different moods, tempos and points of intrigue. Can't wait for your next major release.


  4. This music establishes beyond any doubt that talent defies and transcends format and medium. It's sublime.

  5. I'm glad i can say i found a 1 hour and 30 min song… me and my friend listened to it… the whole thing and its pretty goooood

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