18 thoughts on “Bed Head – Simon’s Cat | BLACK & WHITE

  1. I thought for sure Simon's Cat was going to start using the pool inflatable toy for a scratching post!! Love Simon's Cat!!

  2. That is 100% My cat! First of all… she is coming in and meowing for like 2 Minutes. She just Comes on My bed when i am awakw from her meowing. THEN She is coming on My bed. And After that i can't sleep untill My Handy rings…

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  5. ich kann mich immer wieder dazu schlapp lachen, ich finde immer wieder die macken meines Kater´s wieder 🙂 Tiere sind die schönsten Wesen

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  7. This reminds me of my kitty, whenever you were sick in bed she'd curl up by your feet and just purr, she was the best nurse, and you'd have such lovely warm toes.

  8. I had a Ragdoll cat named Sparkle that would sleep on my pillow every night like that, I guess they like the heat. Thanks for the great video.

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