Bathroom Organization and Decorating Hacks | Making the MOST of our Small Bathroom

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9 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization and Decorating Hacks | Making the MOST of our Small Bathroom

  1. Has anyone noticed where she keep her hair accessories that she didn't mention in the video? Right below the small bench underneath the hose painting?

  2. Just found you!!! Have had a neck injury that has forced me to be out of work forever. Anyway, the last 2/3 years has been hard to keep my house clean,etc. I'm just now getting things in order. I found you at a great time! Also washing my hair has become a chore with my neck injury. I'm so interested in the cap!! I have to get hair professionally washed/dried. This is exactly what I need for washing my face and sleeping!! Click the link but am getting an error. Off to find you on Instagram!! These tips will help me!!

  3. got the beanies before but it's in a storage somewhere because it doesn't stay put and the elastic is just too uncomfortable for me when I'm sleeping

  4. I enjoyed watching your video. I have a small bathroom too. I use to have cheap blue shower curtains and bath rugs and toilet covers, but I just bought a better quality tan shower curtain and bath set. I thought a neutral color would look better.

  5. Love the video & The color scheme. The shower curtain was genius. I'm already a subscriber. ☺ I would love to be submitted to the giveaway. I knew about the hat but kept forgetting about it too. smh…

  6. Normally, I really enjoy your videos, but this one seemed more about your products and what your bathroom (fortunately) is already equipped with, than providing ideas to add more storage space.  We can't always know it out of the park, so I'm still a fan.  🙂

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