Are you in the practice of practising English every day? “Practice and Practise”

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20 thoughts on “Are you in the practice of practising English every day? “Practice and Practise”

  1. Very good lesson indeed. I knew a little about these duo. I learnt a lot from your video Julian bro. So, thanks go to none but you. Think that i will be able to learn a lot from your others.

  2. Hi All,
    I found two very useful tools which can help us practice English everyday to improve our english skills quickly. I have used these app for couple weeks, they are really useful and awesome. For those who have an iPhone, let give it a try.
    1. App to practice English Grammar and Vocabulary – Refresh English Everyday:
    2. App to Listening in English – English Listening Practices:


    I’m being addicted to those apps.

  3. Friendly note: There is obviously a mistake in the video. "I practise English everyday (which should be "every day")."

  4. hiện tại m đang học 1 khóa học tiếng anh giao tiếp tại TT anh ngữ LESH. thấy dạy ok và tốt lắm. ngoài ra m còn học online miễn phí trên PALTALK của tt nữa. thấy phương pháp dạy ở đây rất hay.

  5. thanks a lot for any kind  of your video which is so interesting and helpful for many people around the world who want to learn English.

  6. I practise English every day because I like it. And now I 'll opt to practice English more because i find you "super" as a teacher. Thanks a lot !

  7. Great lesson! 
    Could you some day explain the diffrence or even the use of the words to see and to watch, It is a little confuse for me

  8. yea, I'm very glad to wash this video, I'd like just to know exactly how to find audios with texts available to be printed for the practice of the ''Shadowing''? I'll be very happy if you can help me about it!

  9. Hi I am learning American English and I didn't know there is a difference in British English, how do americans do the difference in English? do british people make the difference? I practice my English everyday, I practise my English everyday?  the correction in word, it puts practice and not practise. I hope your answer

  10. I already knew the different between s for the verb and c for the noun. but today i learnt new word thank u Julian.

  11. The same goes to 'Advise' (verb) and 'Advice' (noun). However, in these two words there is a slight difference in pronunciation: 'Advise' (/vaiz/, voiced sound), 'Advice' (/vais/, voiceless sound). Isn't that correct, Julian?

  12. Great lesson,i really enjoyed it,i request for a future video about the word Immersion and its usages.thank you.

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