12 thoughts on “Anxious Attachment Styles and Healing through Relationship

  1. When you said he texted you…"hey kiddo just bc I didn't get back to you right away…doesnt mean I don't care or love you etc….
    Kinda brought a tear to my eye…bc my bf did that once……and yes it really makes all the difference and makes you love that person so much more….

  2. Thank you so much Julia. I feel like you are speaking to my soul. I desperately long to feel safe and secure in a relationship. I have never been alone. I am so scared of being alone. I think this fear is blocking me from so much healing. I hope that you are doing great. You deserve an awesome life.

  3. Julia… great sharing… for me, using the "f" word is not impactful.. there are other adjectives that are just as powerful and affirming.. just saying.

  4. I don't know what to ask for when I'm being triggered. I'm just learning my attachment style is anxious. I grew up in a violent environment, depressed bi polar mother, sexual abused from 6-12yrs. old. I end up feeling the same way in all my relationships. I have met someone finally that has a secure attachment but, after 6 mos., I feel he's not meeting my emotional needs. I made him responsible for them, I have to learn what I have to be responsible for and what he should do as my partner. He may not be the right one because of his arguing style; I seem to be very argumentative when my emotional needs are not being met. Tonight, I threw something, he left…. We may be over, anyways. I feel he's selfish with his time… and meeting my emotional needs.

  5. The foul language is really hard for me to get past. Sorry, but this ruins the good content for a lot of people.

  6. Thank you so much Julia. This really helped me understand myself more and helped with ways I can communicate my needs to others. I think it's so beautiful your story of your platonic friend who together you chose to work through your attachment styles. I love how he texted you letting you know even though he's taking space right now, he's still there loving and supporting you. That made even me feel relief. What a beautiful way to be treated. I am currently involved in a relationship with a distancer and it's been so helpful to be able to identify that and know that there is hope as long as we can properly communicate our needs.

  7. That was so elaborative, thank you. I can tell by my past interactions with people, that I am without a doubt a great fit for the description!
    I’d like to hear more about connecting with our inner child – An idea for a future video perhaps? No pressure! xD

  8. For anyone who is wondering, "Eleven" is Antoine's nickname for me! More on that in a later video. 😉

    Wait, that smiley wink makes it seem sexual. It's not.

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