19 thoughts on “A Nuclear Waste Dump You Can Walk On: Weldon Spring, Missouri

  1. One take? Amazing how you pace yourself through the script while walking around and your camera operator flies around with such coordination.

  2. 1 generation cleans up the previous generation's mess, whilst creating a new mess for the next generation to clean up.

    Welcome to the history of humans in a single sentence.

  3. I am concerned in relation to your overall exposure rates…you should start wearing an EPD maybe the siemans EPD. You have been to a few 'live' sites in the series; Chernobyl etc. If you're going to continue it might be best to get a baseline of where you are in terms of annual exposure

  4. It's cool to visit once but when you go to school by it and every field trip is there it is not so "interesting"

  5. In a few decades, somebody will be doing pieces like this about the internet, and why it was such a dangerous thing that nobody took seriously and we'll be dealing with the consequences for hundreds or thousands of years to come.

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  7. Great job Tom.  For more information of this topic check out my documentary "The Safe Side of the Fence"

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