We Never Expected to Have This Much Fun

My buddies and I like to get away and do adventuresome things when we can. Each one of us finds that we’re often busy with work, so it is not always easy. Personally, I work about 60 hours per week, and that leaves little free time. So, when I do get away, I want to have fun. Just recently we rented a stretch limo from www.torontolimos.com so that we could go clubbing.

The night we booked the limousine, our favorite hockey team had a game that was being televised. We are big on watching hockey, and we all forgot that the game would be on that night. So, I asked if any of their limos have a TV in them, and I was told that their white stretch limo has a big screen television, and we wold be able to watch the game. Problem solved.

I ordered beer and champagne for the night and that was waiting on ice for us inside the vehicle. We immediately began watching the game while the driver took us to the first club that we wanted to go to. Once we reached the parking lot, we found that we were having more fun having some drinks and watching the game on the TV than we would if we went inside, so we just sat out in the parking lot, talked, laughed and drank for awhile. Who would have thought that we found this to be an absolute blast?

At some point, we wandered into the club, only to come out an hour later and immediately start watching the game again. The driver then drove us to the second dance club, where we promptly sat back and decided to watch more of the game for another 30 minutes. We liked it so much that we just asked the driver to drive us around town while we watched. We had a great time and quickly forgot about club hopping.