Putting the Criminals Where They Belong

In a single, perfect moment of despair and shock I found myself standing admist the scattered remnants of power cords that had been once attached to perfectly good electronics. Electronics, I imagined, to be in the hands of a pawnshop or the greasy grip of a pathethic criminals who sought my home specifically as their target. Had I been less naive and more concerned about my property, along with the things that I own, I would have long considered the offer to get ADT for Mesquite TX when I had the chance during one of their promotions. Now I’ll have to make do with paying the full price.

That’s fine. I find myself more than angry about what happened. Even after speaking with the police regarding the robbery they informed me that there would be very little chance having my items returned. A shame, that, considering how much money my computers, my television and my PS4 cost me. I could have never imagined myself becoming a victim of a robbery of this magnitude – literally thousands of dollars were lost in a single night because some low life scum decided that my home was a perfect place to conduct their criminal activities.

I loathe them. These bottom feeders who prey on those of us that work for a living are nothing but the worst kind of people who deserve to be thrown into jail. Several friends told me not to judge them so harshly as I cannot know what sort of situation they find themselves in. Fine, that’s fine; they might have it hard but they have other options to improve their life rather than resorting to crime. Only those that see other people as prey would do this and those kind of individuals are not the kind that can function in a proper society.

Why I Hired an Accident Attorney

When my boss told me I should contact a car accident attorney for Chicago area, I was a bit hesitant at first. I did not want to appear to be the kind of person looking to make bank off an accident. He reminded me that my life is forever changed because someone decided to drive after drinking for two hours at a nearby bar. When his car hit me, I didn’t even know it. I was in my car one minute, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital.

I had to give up my home and move back with my parents because I was unable to take care of myself because of all the injuries I had sustained. The insurance company had no problem with paying my medical bills, but my boss told me that I was due so much more than that. I used to be outgoing and social. I was on the company ball team, I was the director of children’s services at church, and I was dating a man I thought would become my husband. Well, I doubt I will ever play baseball again, and I simply don’t have the energy to run an entire department at church.

The man I thought I knew couldn’t handle the changes, and he ended up taking a job several states away. I was able to return to work but in a limited capacity. It is just a good thing that my boss is also my friend, because I know that I am not producing as well as I was before the accident. I decided that too much had changed, and I was due more than just my medical bills. My life has changed, and it is not fair that I have to give up so much because someone else wanted to drink and drive. Money will not bring any of the things back that I lost, but it will make living a bit easier.