Getting a Bit of Work Done

In fact I am over here cleaning up a mess that was made. The boss let this woman talk him into hiring her son, I will not get into the reason why this woman was able to do that. However it is not that hard when a woman is, close to a man, as the saying might go. At any rate this young man was obviously ethically challenged. He got into trouble with the car rental place for instance, apparently he was trying to work out some sort of kickback scheme with the people who do that. Some person there got fired and I have yet to figure out exactly how it effects the company.

The Expense Accounts of Salesman Sure Have Changed in the Last Few Decades

When traveling it is all about the hotel and the car rental. The flight there and back is pretty much steady for each trip. I have had flights with more or less turbulence, but invariably there is a loud kid and someone who passes gas repeatedly. I cannot fix what I experience at 30,000 feet flying at 500 miles per hour, but I can fix what kind of hotel I get and the car I drive. Since I travel on business, I have an expense account. Now that sounds cool, but I can assure you it really is not.

A few decades ago salesman made a big deal about their expense accounts. Some of them lived a fancy lifestyle on the company’s tab. They got away with a lot of questionable expenses due to the revenue streams they brought in. That has all changed. The business trip is almost a thing of the past now that we have high-definition video streaming available. My expense account comes with a contract that tells me I get a certain dollar amount bonus if I cut corners and save expenses. That is why I put up with the crying kids and endure the flatulence on flights. I go for budget tickets. The nice thing about flying into Malaysia is that I can get a great hotel and a great rental car for budget prices. I do not get that with my flights I book.

I am happy once on the ground in Penang where I travel often. I stay at the same hotel and rent from the same car rental agency at the airport. I get an almost brand new comfortable car for a budget-friendly price. I save enough on my expense account vouchers every year that I get that bonus check cut around Christmas that is very welcome indeed.

Why I Went to a Singapore Business School for My Education

When it came time to choose a course of study in college, I chose to study business. I have been working in my parent’s business since I was very young. I started out by sweeping the floors and stocking the shelves with product. My mother and father taught me every phase of the operation. I decided to attend a Singapore business school to learn how to duplicate the business model they have perfected. My goal was to start a chain of stores just like the one my parents have built over the years.

I needed to learn what it takes to head up a project like this. I could just go into it with my fortitude and diligent hard work. However, I have always thought it best to learn how to do things the right way rather than to keep doing things the hard way. My dad taught me to look for that in all that I do. When I would do something, he would commend me and show me tips and shortcuts on how to do the jobs effectively and more easily. I developed a mindset to look for that in all that I do now. College was the most effective and easiest way to learn what I needed to expand on my parent’s business model.

I began to branch out while attending the Singapore business school. By the time I graduated, we had two stores in operation. Within a year after that we had four. I used what I learned in school to make sure that the expansions were viable and made good business sense. If I did not have this education, a lot of what I was doing would be guesswork. Now I have business models on paper that even the banks like to see when they give out loans. I owe my success to my parents and my education.

Trying to Quit Smoking for Good

It is not actually as though I am going to try to give it up cold turkey though. That might work, but I have tried it like that a couple of time and it turns me into a real nervous wreck to be honest. I figure that I need to look at what is the best alternative to smoking, although I do not think that I will try to use the patch or the nicotine gum again. I am looking at this v2 cigs coupon to get some e cigs that this friend of mine from the office was telling me about. Of course he does not smoke them because he wants to quit smoking. He buys them because the boss and the human resources people do not care if he smokes them in his office. I would guess they might say something to him if he did not have his own office, but this is not a real cigarette and it does not leave the air filled with toxic second hand cigarette smoke and they do not think it is worth fighting over.

Of course it is sort of annoying and unproductive to hire a smoker and then pay them to spend five or ten minutes out of every hour standing out in the door way smoking a cigarette. It is not that much of a problem if you have people who are not trying to get out of doing their jobs, but a lot of people can not go very long without a smoke break. I really only smoke two or three cigarettes during the day myself though. I decided that I was eventually going to quit and that I could use work as an excuse to cut back as much as I was able to do do it.