Working on This Big Compound

I do not know how my boss got this contract, because it is not like anything that we have ever done before. Instead of building a house or a business structure which is something we are quite accustomed to doing, this is like a huge compound. It consists of one large house and three smaller guest homes on close to a hundred acres of land in the foothills of the Appalachians about half an hour West of Charlotte. Rather than a home security system this place has more of a network with layers of security. That means there is an alarm at the gate and there are sensors all around the exterior of the place. Of course there are horses moving around on the land, along with a lot of deer. We saw a couple of black bears the other day as well. It was a bit scary at first because the first thing we saw was bear cub about six months old and we were not sure where the Mama Bear was. Obviously you want to be sure that you are not between the two of them. We got back in the truck for a little bit until they moved on.

We probably have this job going on for a long time, because we are going to be working on the main house, the guest houses, a really extravagant stable, a huge garage which is intended for a car collection. I have no idea who owns the house or the property, but it is obviously someone who is able to put several million dollars into creating a small kingdom of their own. It is not like I could imagine this sort of place myself, because I would hate to think about all of the work you would need to keep it up.