Working on the Next Promotion

It shall certainly not be easy for me to climb the ladder here, because there is a very limited space for advancement here. In essence there is not enough business coaching or business education to give you what you need to make it to the top in this company. You would pretty much have to be born a Berry or you would have to marry one of the Berry women if you wanted the best jobs here. I can get up a bit further though and I am trying to figure out how I do it and then what I would do if I did. It is not all that simple of a problem for me, because I do like it here. Right now there are around one hundred people here at this job, probably about two thirds of them are definitely below me in rank, about one sixth are definitely above me and the rest are right there on the same general tier as me. However I have the best qualifications of any of them, aside from the fact that I am not married to anyone and I am not married to the right anyone. That is hardly insurmountable at this level, because I look at it like this. Even within the family there are people who have earned their rank, in fact most of the people who have jobs above me are fully capable of doing them. It is not as though these people give every idiot cousin an office and a secretary. They promote family before others, but not if they stink at what they do. The guys who I am up against probably do not realize this just yet. They seem to think the name is going to be enough. It is enough, but only if you can do a job.